Sure: The never-ending underarm story…

It has just occurred to me whilst browsing over my cosmetics loot that I have been in possession of a certain product for AGES which seems to defy all logic.  I have literally used this every morning for almost two months and it simply does not want to come to an end.

Sure MOTIONsense invisible BLACK+WHITE

This compressed little can of genius (75ml) claims to be a 48 hour anti-perspirant for women.  I can’t clarify that 48 hour point I’m afraid as I am paranoid about not applying deodorant every morning and after every shower before I get ready to go out.  Is it just me?  I actually start to panic and sweat if I realise I have left the house without applying… Anyway, if any one of you beautiful people have been brave enough to test this theory, please let me know.

Sure MOTIONsense invisible BLACK+WHITE

I can however most definitely vouch for the anti stain and white marks guarantee Sure are promoting here.  In the two months (yes, TWO MONTHS) I have used this daily, not once have even my tight white t-shirts fallen foul to the dreaded yellow stain most underarm products can produce.  I dread to think on how many of my past favourites that have gone to t-shirt heaven after falling curse of yellow stain.  It pains me.  But now I have found a cure, I’m happy again!  It’s a shame I can’t resurrect those old favourites though…  I really think there should be some sort of counselling for the loss of such well loved garments.

Moving on.

This handbag friendly little can claims to last as long as a normal 150ml size.  I beg to differ.  I reckon it lasts even longer.  Bonus for your purse. (At the time of writing this product is a bargain £1 from Tesco) 

The scent is also really fresh and clean, like a slightly lemon scented freshly washed linen.

The Science

Apparently the microcapsules in this antiperspirant sit on the surface of the skin and react directly to movement.  Friction causes the little capsules to burst, releasing the freshness and protection which will slowly fade during the course of the day.  Got it?

Do I love this product enough to repurchase?

Absolutely and undoubtedly without hesitation.  I am an instant fan.  And so are my favourite white t-shirts.

Happy Blogonoffski!


Do you have a favourite deodorant?  What sets it apart from the rest?  And how many white t-shirts have you lost to the dreaded yellow stain?  Don’t be afraid to leave a comment.  I will respond to them all.

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