I don’t need to use toner… Do I?

I am having that age old dilemma with myself that I experience every few months.  Do I really need to use a toner?  Should it be part of my beauty routine or is it just another expense to add to an already expensive beauty routine?  Or maybe it’s a marketing trick by companies to make you spend more?  Does it actually do anything to your skin in between cleansing and moisturising?  Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser… Isn’t that too many different potions in one sitting for the sensitive skin on our faces?

I have always been dubious.

But last week I decided that it was time to really test the toner theory out.  After all, what harm could it do?

I invested in a lovely travel pack of Lancôme treats before flying out to Morocco in December and in that pack were two products that I hadn’t used.  Galatéis Douceur, Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid and Tonique Douceur, Softening Hydrating Toner.

Galatéis Douceur and Tonique Douceur


Both these bottles are 50ml size, perfect for your handbag or for travelling.  I have used these both religiously for a week now and can see and feel a huge difference in my skin.

Firstly I used the cleansing fluid to clean my face of any makeup and to take off the day’s grime.  This cleanser is quite milky and usually with milky based cleansers I tend to feel as if they aren’t doing their job properly.  They are not harsh at all and I sometimes feel as if they have left a trace of moisture on my skin rather than deep cleansing it, regardless of how dirty the cotton pad looks.  But this is where the toner comes in!  Surprisingly after sweeping my face clean with two cotton pads and seeing no dirt on the second pad, the pad I then use for the toner appears to be dirty.  Eek I exclaim.  Have I been cleansing my face and then packing moisturiser onto a half dirty canvas?  I am in shock. Look at the picture below.  (Please excuse my facial dirt)  The first pad is the cleanser pad.  I was wearing only concealer today.  The pad on the right is the toner pad after cleansing.  I don’t know how clear it is to you here but you will notice the toner pad is discoloured with what looks like a combination of the daily dirt build up that the cleanser didn’t catch and the cleanser residue.

On the left is the cleaning pad and on the right is the toner pad.

I have been skipping this step the whole time and going to bed with a not fully cleansed face.  No wonder I suffer random breakouts and open pores.  Yuck.  I am disgusted with myself and my lazy routine. Bleurgh!

Back to the products…

Both of these products are aimed specifically at normal to combination skin types.  This cleanser feels very kind to the skin.  I have reasonably dry skin due to the weather at the moment and my constant exposure to office air conditioning.  This cleanser feels moisturising and soothing on my face and neck.  The alcohol-free toner is far more refreshing and feels that it is lightly crackling on your skin as you sweep it over your face. After 3 days I really saw a difference in my skin using these products.  After 6 days I am glowing, with no sign of breakouts and no sign of any dry or flaky skin which I tend to suffer.  My skin feels enviably soft to the touch where usually it would feel quite patchy.  Thank you Lancôme!

I am startled but delighted with these results and will most definitely be using a toner after my cleanser from now on.

Do you have a favourite toner you can recommend?  Or have you never felt the need to try one?  Leave your comments below friends.