The Unusual Empties Edit: Products so good I used them to death!

After following various bloggers attempts to try, and mostly fail, the dreaded Project Pan challenge and wondering how on earth they would finish off 30 to 70 products in the space of a teeny calendar month, I have finally managed to collect some empties. Empties that I didn’t challenge myself to finish but actually, really liked them.



Firstly, the product I am most gutted about. A BUXOM moisturising lipstick that I purchased in Sephora in Vegas almost two years ago. So long ago that the colour and name has rubbed off the packaging and I can’t describe the colour other than it is a deep red which seems to adjust to your skin tone to make a really deep coral red colour. It is beautiful! One application of this is so moisturising on the lips and it doesn’t crack or flake. It looks like a really pigmented gloss when applied. It is also one of the very few lipsticks I have applied, without using a liner, that doesn’t feather. It smells beautiful too. Amazing! Alas, it is old and melting and it would probably be no longer safe to use it. Sadly I can neither find it online on sale in the UK or the US. Unless it still exists in a different packaging. If any of you guys recognise it or have an idea which lipstick it could be, please, please, please drop me a message.

Buxom. My first love of lipsticks.


Next up, Soap & Glory’s Thick and Fast Super Volume Mascara. I actually had three of these on the go at once. I received them all in beauty gift packs and tended to carry one in my bag, one in my car and leave a spare at home. I have so many unopened products to get through I decided to use all three of these simultaneously until they were finished. I found this product so easy to apply and it made my lashes very full and thick. Length isn’t an issue for me as I am lucky enough to have naturally long lashes. I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from sparse or very fine lashes to give them a thickening effect. It is also really black, so the end result is quite dramatic. This is quite a dry product, so if you do purchase this, make sure you are using it continuously or it will dry up quite quickly. Thumbs up Soap and Glory!

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara

My go-to daytime fragrance is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. I love this fragrance so much. This is my third empty bottle. I cannot get enough of it. If you like really fresh scents with a slight citrus twist you will adore this. It is perfect for daytime and I have had so many comments about it. I love trying out new fragrances after watching the flashy advertising campaigns but I always tend to revert back to this. Even the bottle looks quite old-fashioned but it doesn’t need any fancy packaging. The scent does the talking! Luckily I have a new 100ml bottle at home, waiting to be unwrapped for summer. Oh and the bottle isn’t too fragile either so it is absolutely fine with being plonked in a handbag or sports bag. The amount of perfume bottles I have accidently smashed by dropping my handbag on a hard surface… Sigh.



Now for the day cream I have been using over the past few months. Simple Kind to Skin Vital Day Cream. This cream is very cooling on application and doesn’t flake or crumble. Meaning makeup application over this is really smooth.  Vitamin infused and complete with SPF 15 to defend the skin from everyday sun damage. What more could a girl want? My skin felt and looked fresh when using this. Somehow my face felt very clean whilst wearing this too. If you are worried about ageing or fine lines, this is perfect to pop on over an anti ageing serum as it seems to lock in moisture and shield the skin from everyday pollution. No one needs to spend crazy money on a face moisturiser. I highly recommend this

Simple Kind to Skin Vital Day Cream


We all know that skin cells repair best whilst you are asleep and ensuring a night cream is part of your beauty routine is key. Just to help the cell repairing process along. For the past few months my go-to has been Garnier Skin Naturals Ultra Lift Serum + Cream. I always leave a night cream, some eye cream and a lip balm on my bedside cabinet to remind me to use it. Sometimes removing makeup is an effort in itself so another few minutes of applying creams and lotions can be a bugbear when you really just want to fall into bed. This cream looks impressive in the bottle. The cream and serum swirl around the bottle and disappear the more you use the pump. You will see only a small bit of product is left in my bottle. (Note to self… I really should have taken a picture of this product before I used it). This is great to apply. The serum and cream blend together and feel light on the skin. Two products in one really. Bonus! I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone with particularly dry skin as it soaks in really easily and drier skins could probably do with a richer blend of cream. For normal/combination skin however, this product is a winner.

Garnier Skin Naturals Ultra Lift Cream + Serum (Night)


Not forgetting body moisturiser. Another sometimes laborious task, but oh so worth it. I have been using Soap & Glory’s Righteous Body Butter religiously. I also managed to acquire quite a few of these from different beauty gifts so I have a lot to get through. I did manage to polish off two of these in the past couple of months. Complete with aloe vera and shea butter it smells divine. The kind of lotion you use after a bath or shower that smells so good you don’t want to bother with a perfume before you go out. This body butter is very rich so a small blob here and there gives great coverage. I have particularly been using this on my elbows and feet recently because it has a great softening effect. Ideal to apply before bed to leave your skin feeling soft and looking healthy.


Finally after four months of continuous use, I have finished a really nice product that was sent to me by Insta Natural. I am really pleased with their Premium Hydration Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I have been using this under a moisturiser daily and I am struggling to believe this 60ml bottle has lasted a solid four months. There is absolutely no doubt about value for money with this product. Even though I thought Hyaluronic Acid sounded a bit scary before I first researched it, it really does offer multiple benefits for ANY skin type and is packed with anti-ageing properties. Nothing scary about that! The serum is clear and has quite a watery texture. You can apply it straight to your face with the dropper or apply with clean hands like I did. There is no chemical scent to this serum. This is retailing just now on Amazon for around £17 and I would highly recommend to anyone would is worried about age spots or fine lines. This is a magic potion in a bottle which you can feel soaking right into the skin on application. My skin felt plump and more even after a weeks use. Super!


What are your favourites at the moment? Let me know in the comments box below.
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