Bath Caviar? Now that’s a bit rich.

Who doesn’t love a nice long soak in a bath?  I can lie in there for ages with a good book and then top the hot water up when I feel it getting too cool.  Shame on my wrinkly fingers.


I came across this beautiful little jar of what I thought were bath crystals but these are way classier than that.  Juicy Couture Caviar Bath Soak to be precise.  How pretty is Juicy Couture packaging? Fit for a princess.



I tend to get a bit over zealous with this kind of product and drop way more than I am supposed to into the running water.  However, just a small scoop of this and the scent release was phenomenal.  Just like the perfume.  This is the description:


Juicy Couture Caviar Bath Soak blooms with both coral and caviar, creating a cloud of sheer luxury and rejuvenation.

Top notes: Watermelon, Mandarin, Green Apple and Pink Passion fruit.

Heart notes: Couture Tuberose, Wildrose and Princess Lily.

Base notes: Vanilla, Elegent Precious Woods and Patchouli.


I could definitely smell all the top notes, so relaxing but refreshing at the same time.  I couldn’t wait to get into that bath.


In I got, taking my trusty Look magazine with me.  Refusing to light a candle in case it stole some of the gorgeous scent away.  I lasted a lovely 25 minutes until I was rudely interrupted by the telephone.


This product feels indulgent, leaves you with great smelling skin and feeling really relaxed. I suppose it doubles as a muscle soak.  The only thing missing though are bubbles.  Some people just don’t like a bath without bubbles but if you are really looking to relax I would recommend trying out some bath caviar.  Especially before bed.  I still can’t get used to saying that though… ‘bath caviar’.


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