Hair Care During Pregnancy – The Struggle

So this feeling sick thing as soon as you wake up. I don’t know about any of you guys but I always seem to feel really cold and shivery all the time. (At the time of writing I think I am 10 weeks pregnant.) The last thing I want to do when I get out of bed is drag myself into a shower. However this mop of wild hair attached to my head needs washed at least every 2 days to keep it smooth. Otherwise I go a bit kinky afro, but not in a cool, styled, afro kind of way. I have an afro that’s lost its way, as if I have stuck my finger in a power socket!

Anyway I am up and wrapped in a housecoat and furry boot slippers wondering if I should head downstairs to the kitchen to find something to quell the nausea or shall I step into the shower and just get it over with. I stand staring at the dry shampoo on my shelf. What has become of me? The usual me would dash into the shower, wash and condition my hair, do a full body scrub and then get myself ready for work. This version of me is keen to do none of these things. I consider completely dismissing work and soaking in a warm bath. It’s the only thing that would please me right now. Instead I get a quick body shower, spray my head with dry shampoo and give it a quick blast with the hairdryer and voila! Shambolic looking me is ready for work. When did I get so lazy??

I get to thinking whilst driving to work that the only way I am going to save the condition of my hair and my self-esteem, is by making weekly blow dry appointments. At least then, when the hairdresser shows me the finished product, I know I wont feel so bad about wandering around dishevelled and in baggy clothes with no make up on. At least my hair will be nice!

I look up local hairdressers when I arrive at work and I find one who can do my cut, colour and their version of a Brazilian Blow Dry, three month treatment, in one appointment. I have three summer weddings to attend. This will kill three birds with one stone. I am delighted. Not bad for someone who only wanted a weekly blow dry 5 minutes ago. I email the salon to ask if the treatments are all safe during early pregnancy and then anxiously await a response. What if I can’t get my greys covered? What if I am not allowed to have the shiny Brazilian blow dry treatment? I have heard that these sometimes contain formaldehyde which is a chemical associated with causing cancer. I instantly envision myself as an old crazy cat lady with wild grey hair.

My phone pings and my worst fears are confirmed. I have an email from the salon confirming that this treatment is not suitable for pregnant ladies. Dammit!

Later, at home, I open my hair care stash that I usually save for going abroad, when my frizz is at its worst due to humidity. I find an unopened bottle of argan oil treatment that you are supposed to smooth over the hair after washing and conditioning and then blow dry as normal. I trial this for two weeks and feel instantly better. I still don’t have the energy to give myself a proper blow dry and run straighteners over my hair but at least I have a manageable and untangled mop to deal with now. Finally, I discovered both a hair care saviour and an energy saver in one.  Hurrah!


What worked for you during pregnancy? Did you have the energy to maintain your normal hair care routine?

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