Mid Term: Am I Supposed to be Superhuman?


I am four and a half months pregnant at the time of writing and my head is all over the place. Funnily though, regardless of how tired I am, my work routine seems to distract me from any worries and is actually a really welcome and comforting distraction. Does that make sense? Knowing I have to get up and go in the morning, with purpose, pleases me. This is a new sensation altogether. I seem to breeze through work daily on autopilot but everyday chores outwith this, are killing me. The thought of even picking up a hoover when I get home at night seems like a fate worse than death. And the dishes, don’t talk to me about washing dishes. In fact, I haven’t worn a scrap of make up in weeks. Who even am I?

It is at this point I start scowling at people who say “Oh I loved being pregnant”. Excuse me? So you loved the sickness, the tiredness, looking pale, feeling helpless when you get home after a day at work, the changes in diet and not being able to eat or drink some of your favourite treats, the stressing about what to wear, the lack of sleep, the random people who feel it necessary to touch your bump, the helpless feeling when someone says “oh you can’t do that… you can’t carry that” and then waiting on them offering to do it for you, the horrendous heartburn, the paranoia that you are going to suffer horrific stretch marks, going food shopping when you feel really sick and coming back almost empty handed because you can’t stomach the look of anything, avoiding social engagements as you can barely lift a telephone never mind even think about getting dressed up, the smell of someone’s hot food almost sending you reeling, the side effects that no one tells you about, and most of all, the inability to grab a strong coffee and just get on with it! Enjoyable for you was it?

I can’t even post on social media at all at this point as I am having some kind of worthless mental block, and I don’t have any positive energy left to expend.

Kudos to all those pregnant women out there who are working full time and already have a family to attend to. I sincerely applaud you. The hard work is real!

But of course, it is all going to be worth it. Just keep thinking of that little bundle of joy you’ll have by your side in a few months.

The one thing I would stress to any mums to be at this point is to make sure you get enough zinc and iron in your diet. I was having some real issues and after receiving antibiotics from the doctor, which didn’t work, so I decided to self diagnose. Sure enough, I managed to relieve the symptoms myself. I wont go into the gory details but I purchased myself a copper yoga bottle. The one I chose is on Amazon. Take a look at the Zafos Pure Copper Yoga Bottle or Thermos. Isn’t it beautiful? Basically, copper is a very powerful antioxidant but it also really helps absorb iron into the body. I chose this instead of supplements as I was trying to encourage myself to drink more water, and it really seems to have done the trick. The side effects I mentioned have lessened considerably and believe me, they were not pleasant. The water does taste a bit metallic when drinking from this, but if you pop an ice cube or two in there, it really deflects from the taste. On the upside, the bottle looks amazing and has received many approving comments. Plus, it is copper. What’s not to love?

If, like me, you can’t even look at meat right now, you can still get an intake of iron from rice, breakfast cereal, pasta and bread.

Oh and please remember to drink plenty of water. The ice cube trick works even in a normal glass of tap water if you find that difficult to drink. Urine infections pop up all too easily when you are dehydrated during pregnancy. Especially if you are being sick a lot. You will have enough appointments to attend without constantly visiting the doctor too.

Are you having any strange or horrible side effects that no one told you about? Drop me a mail if you want to discuss these and I will help you if I can by sharing my own experiences*.

Feel free to leave me a comment below.


*Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a medical practitioner and am in no way qualified to give medical advice. I am merely expressing my own opinions.

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