Full Term: What stretch marks?

I am writing this piece feeling blessed that I have reached full term and cannot find a stretch mark on my tummy. I am also feeling relieved that I am no longer being sick, feeling nauseous or suffering from the horrific heartburn I have experienced for so long.

Three weeks ago I was admitted to hospital again, because of my inability to keep food or even water down. I would projectile vomit the contents of my stomach at least twice a day, before they even had time to digest. This time after being monitored, I was given an antacid tablet. Half an hour later the heartburn had vanished and the nausea was subsiding. If only I had known about these tablets earlier. They are called Ranitidine and I was given a prescription of 150mg tablets which have been life changing. They are basically Zantac under a different name. I cannot stress how much of a difference they have made in the last couple of weeks. If I had known about them earlier they could have saved me so many days of stress and worry about what to eat and not being able to store any nutrients for the baby. Also I had to constantly cancel plans with friends and family due to feeling utterly useless. It does start to feel like you are spinning a line. “Oh she can’t make it she’s sick again” rings in your ears. There are so many women who breeze through pregnancy. I suppose it is just your luck.

Speaking of luck, back to the lack of stretch marks… I have accumulated the grand total of none! I have used one product throughout my whole pregnancy and that is the Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous Stretch Mark Oil. When I started to show, I just rubbed this into the stomach area after my morning shower every day and low and behold I have developed zero stretch marks. This 100ml little bottle of magic lasted my whole pregnancy. I am so impressed! Most people recommended Bio Oil but I decided to give this a go and am so glad I did. The oil is paraben and sulphate free and is designed for expectant and new mothers. The scent is a really mild floral fragrance and is non-offensive on the nose when you are feeling sick. It is jam packed full of natural goodness, essential fatty acids and Vitamin E which plump and protect the skin. Just remember to slather it on wherever your body is changing in size and shape. I am all tummy and haven’t put weight on anywhere else, probably because of all the sickness, so my target area was preventing stretch marks on my tummy. I am positive this oil would work on any other problem areas you are concerned about. It has been a real lifesaver for me and I would highly recommend it to any mums to be.


What did you use on your tummy during pregnancy? Did you develop stretch marks regardless? If so, leave a comment below. I would be interested to know.

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