Aptamil First Infant and Aptamil Pro Futura formulas: Is there really a difference?

I started writing this, wondering if my guilt trip was justified. After all, I am really only buying the more expensive Profutura formula because I am worried that the cheaper one doesn’t have all the nutrients that this new fangled scientific formula does. Does it have more goodness? Would I be denying my 10 week old bundle of joy something by buying the cheaper, standard Aptamil she was on for the first six weeks of her tiny life? Am I the only parent who stands in the supermarket aisle knowing the standard Aptamil agrees perfectly with my child but still purchasing the Profutura formula as I am worried that she will be missing out on a special nutrient in the new formula?

In practice I have been buying Profutura because why would Aptamil bring out something new, with futuristic labelling and a more expensive price tag if it wasn’t better for babies? I had to find out.

On investigating the ingredients list on the side of the tub, Profutura lists a little less calcium and apart from this there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference. Why would the new formula have LESS calcium though? My findings confirmed that the new improved formula in Profutura has been processed to be more akin to the consistency and formula of real breast milk. Therefore Profutura contains 1mg more of LCPs DHA (Omega 6) and 1mg more of LCPs AA (Omega 3). To break this down LCPs are Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids. These are present in breast milk and some studies show that children who develop ADHD and behavioural problems usually test low on LCPs. However this is not a proven fact as these low LCPs could be due to food intolerance or allergies.

Have a look at this webpage to see the comparison in ingredients between the most popular formulas

Reasoning: The Science

Studies suggest that malnutrition leaves the brain sufficiently intact to function under stable conditions, but behavioural changes can occur under stressful conditions. This all points to ADHD and other behavioural problems being due to insufficient dietary requirements.

There must be sufficient LCPs in the standard Aptamil or surely they would be phasing it out to be completely replaced by the new formula.

My 10 week old has been on the new formula for 4 weeks and now cant keep a feed down without being sick several times. I feel like I should go back to standard Aptamil as this formula seems to be doing her more harm than good. Being so sick is defeating the purpose of having those extra nutrients. When she is sick on the Profutura formula her sick is really strong smelling. On the standard Aptamil she is rarely sick and it certainly doesn’t smell like this. So I am unsure if she has an intolerance to one of the ingredients of the Profutura formula. The strange thing about this formula, even though it was making her sick, when I was halfway through feeding her and tried to take the bottle away to burp her she would scream the place down. This never happens with the standard Aptamil formula.

I contacted Aptamil and after having a conversation with a very helpful customer service advisor who informed me that the only difference between the new formulas is that Profutura is made from cow’s milk fat rather than vegetable fats, I switched back to the standard formula 1. Two weeks later my baby’s skin rash has cleared and she is no longer being sick between feeds.

From now on I will be sticking to the standard Aptamil formula as my baby can keep it down better and was gaining weight quicker and seemed altogether happier.  And in future I will be investigating any new products much more thoroughly before just switching to them on the thinking that it will be better for my baby (or myself for that matter) because it is new.

Have you had a similar experience with Aptamil formulas? Or any other baby products?Please let me know. I would be interested to hear your comments.



6 thoughts on “Aptamil First Infant and Aptamil Pro Futura formulas: Is there really a difference?

  1. From birth my baby was on SMA, adding weight well and passing stool normally but was always crying and very windy and feeding hourly. 3rd week, We changed feed to Aptamil standard, baby started sleeping longer and calmer but reflux and spitting out started. Reflux became so frequent. At 9 weeks, started Aptamil Profutura, reflux is somewhat reduced but baby crying a lot with loose stool, I will continue for one more week and if no improvement will revert back to Aptamil standard

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  2. Hi. We had similar problem with our premature Adam. We are giving him profutyra and during the feed when we try to wind him sometimes he screams and cry, same during the feeding he stops and try to push bottle away. Our midwife comment on this was that because he is premature… i m thinking maby we should try standart aptamil. Only thing wat I can se thst whem we mix feeds between brest snd aptamil aptamil give him les colic and hiccup. Sorry for my English is a second language.


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